Remote Station
V3 Remote Monitoring Stations
Mounting Panel
V3 Mounting Panel
Micromate setup
V3 Typical Micromate® Setup

The new V3 remote monitoring station is now available.

  • 30 Watt Solar Module
  • Dual 4G Antennas
  • Removable Shelf
  • Mounting Panel
  • Micromate® Compatible
  • Front/Rear Microphone ports
  • Bottom mounting tabs
  • Pad lock hasp
  • Collapsible handles
  • V3 Spec Sheet

What our customers are saying:


Before we started remote monitoring, I had to send a technician around to each monitoring location to physcially download the instrumentation. Now the data is in my inbox at the end of the day and I can utilize my technician on other projects. What a time saver!

Wow! This remote system is really saving a lot of man power and travel time. I can now cover multiple monitoring jobs simultaneously.