Instantel Family
Series IV and Series III Seismographs

Instantel's Micromate® is up to the task for construction vibration and sound monitoring.

Instantel continues to pave the way as we begin 2017. The Micromate® is on the fast track to being a successful environmental monitoring platform for construction vibration and sound monitoring. Introduced as a replacement for the 4-channel Minimate Plus®, the Micromate® adds a Type 1 Sound Level Meter sensor to the platform and excels as a best in class for portable monitoring system.

While still compatible with Blastware®, the Micromate really shines when paired with THOR™, the modern-software interface for the Micromate® and Minimate PRO® series units. The THOR™ advanced package was recently introduced which gives added power for consultants and engineers to maximize returns from a few clicks of the mouse. Look for a full review of THOR advanced coming soon.

The Series III Minimate Plus® and Blastmate® III seismographs are now retired. Check our used seismograph page for used Blastmate® III's and Minimate Plus® units.

Matheson Mining Consultants has a large fleet of Minimate Plus seismographs which have found a home in our remote monitoring stations. Using Instantel's Blastware® and THOR™ AutoCall Home® feature, data is transfered via a Sierra Wireless cellular gateway like the RV50 to our client data server where data is accessed via our uWave Project Manager portal.

The Blastmate® III still tops the list of portable monitoring systems used primarily by blasters and geotechnicans monitoring construction vibrations. Once the most requested unit in our rental fleet this big brother to the Minimate Plus is quetly stepping into the shadows as more customers request remote monitoring which favors the more compact Micromate® and Minimate Plus®.